brad odland originates from a ranch in south dakota. There he grew up on a steady diet of classic rock, punk and vintage country until 1982. While attending the university of south dakota in vermillion he was playing in a cover band at the time and though was a punk rock fan, he had not had that spark of inspiration until he heard r.e.m.'s chronic town ep. that was when he began writing. he has moved east over the years playing guitar and writing songs as he went, quietly becoming a veteran performer from the stages of minneapolis, northern wisconsin and madison. his music has taken different forms over the years, as a lead guitar player and backup singer, the front man of a three piece. then the acoustic scene drew him in and he played bluegrass banjo and mandolin for ten years until he felt the draw to return to his roots and rock.

musically, brad has a drive for purity of sound that is the core of his philosophy. he plays a stratocaster straight into low wattage tube amps. customized to achieve the tone he wants. this attitude extends into the studio as well where fisk and he share the same desire to present clean uncluttered intimate mixes.

brad's tastes in music run across a huge variety of genres and eras. you will find him spinning holst, the bird, monroe as well as costello, the furs, the band or sitting in playing the catbox's 1958 hammond m3 along with the allman brothers live at the fillmore east album or jamming cajun on his squeeze box. strangely adept at blending in, brad's guitar playing is understated and designed to accompany his vocal work until he rips loose a gritty emotional lead. he credits his style to an early grounding in blues taught to him by nathan holman, noted south dakota artist and blues guitarist. his musicianship comes from a great ear for dissonance, dynamics and timing.

2005 amber soup records