mike fisk originally from boulder colorado, wandered his way to milwaukee, as many do, through various life events. as a child he taught himself to play on his grandmother's upright and music became his refuge. some of soul amp's best songs were written by fisk recently on that same piano during his visits home.

fisk grew up on early 60's and 70's rock, electronica, and alternative. he has been around music as a writer and composer for all of his adult life. in soul amp fisk finds himself not only in his traditional role as producer and writer, but in the spotlight on stage as well.

all things keyboard are of interest to fisk. he currently plays a korg cx-3, kurzweil pc2x and a vintage wurlitzer 200a electric piano live and tinkers with various keyboards in his home studio include a DX7, Ensoniq EPS, and EMU Proteus 2000.

fisk is a rabid music fan as well. his appetite for new music is huge and it is not surprising to see a pile of cds littering his truck. among them you would find tift merrit, the oranges band, richmond fontaine, drive by truckers, jim croce, jimi hendrix, the national, the shins, blur, aimee mann, the white stripes and a host of preproduction mix burns of soul amp from the catbox.

the only thing more numerous than his music library are the ideas for new songs he brings into the studio. fisk is an endless source of musical hooks, changes and lyrics. combined with odland's quest for simplicity, the two make a formidable song writing pair.

2005 amber soup records