mike netteshiem (m2) from waueksha, wisconsin. mike has lived more hours on stage than most people have slept. m2 began playing in rock bands in the early 70's that continued in a endless string of cover and show bands until after seeking something more; took brad up on the offer of little pay, a little horror and a shot at glory.

m2 knows rock and roll. he is rock and roll: cheap trick, ramones, sex pistols, black sabbath, dead kennedys, home grown rock, living the life, drinking it all in with a huge smile and hearty laugh. for m2, soul amp is an total extension of his soul. for m2 life without a weekly rehearsal and regular gigs is no life at all. this is the guy you want to sit and spin vinyl with or hang around a fire and party under the stars until then birds start chirping, just stand back when he lights the fire....woooosh.

m2 plays a vintage maple ludwig kit, the same one he's had since 1972. the fact that this kit has been with him all these years and has been in countless clubs throughout wisconsin, iowa and illinois is no surprise to those that get to know him. he is committed and takes seriously the craft of being a musician. the result is your pleasure in hearing those marvelously warm drums usually relegated to studio work or seen in museums.

2005 amber soup records